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Disabling Google Instant Preview

Posted in Computing, The Web on November 24th, 2010 by Jeff – Be the first to comment

Unlike many people, I’m not a fan of Google’s addition of instant previews. I’m a fidgety clicker and clicking in common areas where I rest my mouse pointer activates the preview. Not only annoying, I found this to be an odd behavior considering there is an icon specifically designed to activate the preview. Why would the text preview be a hotspot too? Regardless, the pop-ups instantly made Google search results a very bad user experience.

An additional aggravation was that turning off the previews is not a configuration option.

Being a web developer, I opened up Firebug and started rooting around for the “problem”. After sifting through Google’s nearly inscrutable code for about 30 seconds, I asked Google directly for a solution. Google pointed me to this article on Lifehacker about how to use the AdBlock Plus browser plugin to do the job. The solution is to add these 3 rules: