Netalyzr – Network debugging tool

I’ve had a transient issue with my Internet access randomly “going away”. It’s annoying but generally clears up within a minute or two. I came across a tool called Netalyzr by a group within UC Berkeley. Netalyzr is a Java application available as either an in-browser Applet or a command line utility. It runs a number of network connectivity tests and provides a detailed report hosted on their web site that uses a simple red/yellow/green motif to show problems and their relative importance.

While Netalyzr didn’t clearly show what was going on with my Internet connection it did raise a red flag about network buffers that might be the issue. Unfortunately, that’s a router configuration issue on the part of my ISP so I’m not hopeful for a resolution. But I can always gather data then open a trouble ticket with the vendor.

Regardless, Netalyzr looks like a great tool for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

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