MySQL udf_median on Windows

Posted in MySQL on April 19th, 2011 by Jeff – 1 Comment

A few years ago I had to get a MySQL UDF (User Defined Function) working on my Windows workstation for a project I was working on. I had the benefit of a couple of other folks to help me get my environment set up and a .dll compiled. I was recently contacted about my project files and realized I had an orphaned link out on the Internet so I thought I’d better fix that up.

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“select count” with Generics, Spring and Hibernate

Posted in Software Development on April 18th, 2011 by Jeff – Be the first to comment

In a recent project, we introduced Generics and Spring into an application. In developing the Generic DAO implementation I was trying to find a way to get a record count from the database. It’s a simple enough task with HQL or Spring’s JdbcTemplate.queryForInt(String sql), however the Generics made it a little tricky. The solution I came up with was using HibernateCallback. A reference to the persistent type is a member of GenericDAOHibernate as is the SessionFactory and an instance of Spring’s HibernateTemplate.

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Disabling Google Instant Preview

Posted in Computing, The Web on November 24th, 2010 by Jeff – Be the first to comment

Unlike many people, I’m not a fan of Google’s addition of instant previews. I’m a fidgety clicker and clicking in common areas where I rest my mouse pointer activates the preview. Not only annoying, I found this to be an odd behavior considering there is an icon specifically designed to activate the preview. Why would the text preview be a hotspot too? Regardless, the pop-ups instantly made Google search results a very bad user experience.

An additional aggravation was that turning off the previews is not a configuration option.

Being a web developer, I opened up Firebug and started rooting around for the “problem”. After sifting through Google’s nearly inscrutable code for about 30 seconds, I asked Google directly for a solution. Google pointed me to this article on Lifehacker about how to use the AdBlock Plus browser plugin to do the job. The solution is to add these 3 rules:

Sharpening Images With Photoshop

Posted in Photography on November 23rd, 2009 by Jeff – Be the first to comment

This article was originally posted in response to a query on the Nature Photographers Network web site with regard to “capture sharpening”.

Being new to digital photography, my post prompted some educational responses. I’ve included some links to books and articles at the end of this post that I found with some follow-on research. I should point out that the most significant information information about sharpening workflow is that it is typically broken up into three parts:

  • Input
  • Creative
  • Output

The bulk of this article is about “output” sharpening.
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Sunrise Above Boulder

Posted in Nature, Photography on October 14th, 2009 by Jeff – Be the first to comment
Sunrise above a fog bank

Sunrise above a fog bank covering Boulder, CO

I got up early on Monday morning thinking that there might be an inversion happening since it occurred on Sunday as well. An inversion is when a layer of air pushing another down on the ground. Historically, in the Denver Basin, this has meant poor air quality. And while that may have been the case, the scene above the clouds is completely different.

I’ve been hoping that I get to see this weather event and even more so to photograph it. I think it’s a particularly unique and beautiful situation and some of my favorite photographs have been of this.

The day before the sunrise image

The back-range the day before the sunrise image

Having had the intuition that the fog in Boulder might have been part of an inversion, I got up early and headed out with extra strong coffee in hand. I decided that since I may be wrong about the inversion that somewhere close by would be best so I chose to drive up to Sugarloaf Mountain. You can hike to the top and there are some pretty spectacular views of the whole Front Range as well as The Plains.

I knew I had made the right decision when, after driving for 20 minutes in fog, I broke through the clouds and saw stars in a clear sky. That was a good moment.

I parked, put on my pack and hustled up to the summit. I sat down for a few to minutes to catch my breath and contemplate the beauty of what I was seeing. The fog below was actually receding, the wind was blowing and it looked like a roiling sea of clouds, always in motion. Although there were some large, yellow glowing areas where the local towns were, the clouds blocked a lot of light pollution so the sky and all it’s stars were clear and bright. These are the moments that keep me walking into the mountains year after year. They are a profound gift which is also why I like to share them.

Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

After a while, I stumbled around in the dark to find some reasonable compositions then setup my camera and started shooting. I moved around to play with the burned, dead trees and some other foreground subjects. I even shot some images of the back range too (I’ll have to head back up now that I have a feel for the location). But the call to parenting duty got stronger so I packed it in at 8 a.m. and headed back to town.

What a great morning!